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An agile mind is a flexible mind. An agile workplace is a connected and productive workplace. An agile product or service is one that augments the experience of life.

Karin Dames


In a nutshell

#productivity #innovation #culture #change #agile #lean #leadership #ux #employeeengagement

Background and skills

With more than 20 years experience, first as a technical tester in the software development industry, then as Quality Manager, Project Manager and Business Analyst, Karin is an all-rounder who specializes in helping teams get unstuck and communicate better.

She believes in efficiency through fun implementing lean, agile and gamestorming as tools for continuous process improvement. Her goal is to create more happy, healthy and productive workplaces.

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Agile & Lean methodologies


Coaching & facilitation


Process improvement


Mindset matters more than all the tools and processes in the world.

Sustainable change can only happen when you change your beliefs.

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