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Are your teams as productive and engaged as they could be?

Productivity tools, the lean way

Because less is more.  

We help build highly engaged, highly productive and autonomous teams using a combination of design thinking, lean & agile techniques and De Bono's thinking methods to help you do more with less, creatively.

How can I help?

With more than 20 years experience in software development and agile implementations, an insatiable desire to learn, and experience working with startups and corporates alike, you're in good hands. 

My goal is to create more productive and engaged workplaces. 


Following a systemic approach to organizational development, offering one-on-one,  peer- and team coaching sessions to help you discover the best version of you and help your organization get to the next level.

Innovation and Problem Solving

Do more with less. Using a combination of De Bono's thinking methods, gamestorming and lean, I empower you to create tailor-made ideas to help you fly.  I help you find new ways to do old things, tapping into the collective intelligence of the group.

Process Improvement

A systemic approach to organizational development, visualing work and changing the conversations. Following lean manufacturing and agile principles, I help you identify bottlenecks and reduce waste while keeping you focused on your goal.

How it works

We work with what you've got and meet you where you are. Now.  
We walk the road with you, giving you what you need, when you need it.  No more. No less.



Good advise comes from a good and thorough diagnosis of the root cause of the problem.  By observing team interactions and workflow, and getting our hands dirty ourselves, an in-depth and objective diagnosis of the problem causing the reported symptoms are made.



Using mentoring, coaching and team workshops, together we work to put healthier habits in place, one step at a time.  We help you get more done with less by putting more efficient tools and processes in place and identify and reduce waste systematically.



It's your time to shine.  We take a step back, allowing you to make the changes your own and re-establish the new rules of engagement with the necessary support until you're ready to stand on your own. Or solve the next problem.

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