So you have a good team, a good product, a good idea.

What if it could be better?

Funficient goals
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Want to be better?

Helping to create more happy, healthy, and whole workplaces.  The better it gets the better it gets.

Process Improvement

Combining the best of the best to help you create something even better.  A better product, a better team, or a better version of you.

Easy. Autonomy. Meaningful. Connected. Better.

With a specific interest in organizational development, I find better ways to make your life easier, so you can focus on the important things and worry less about everything else.  With a background in software development and a passion for quality, I help develop agile minds and productive teams, putting the fun back into efficiency.


Be better

People first.  Coaching - either on individual, peer or team level - focuses on helping you and your team develop an agile mind and improve your performance and relationships.  The focus is on growth and developing a growth mindset.

You set the agenda, I guide you through a process of self-discovery and help you see options, not obstacles.


Think better

Mind matters. Teaching you how to think.  Whether it is looking to solve a problem in the workplace or come up with a new business idea, bespoke workshops are designed around your specific need, empowering your workforce to think better.

You tell me your problem, I design a workshop to help you discover the solution.


Do better

Creating a culture of kaizen.  Solving problems within context by providing on-site coaching and consulting as part of the team to help you do more with less resources.  More than just another agile coach, I focus on organizational agility and organizational growth.  

Show me your weakest link, I'll guide you to the source and the solution. 


UX Audit

$ 1, 500

How useful and engaging is your offering?

Helping you see the forest from the trees with an in-depth look at your digital footprint.  

Includes evaluating the usability, content, performance, accessibility, SEO, social media, branding and improvement suggestions based on current trends and technology available.

Lead time 1 - 2 weeks.

Agile audit

$ 1, 000

How agile are you really?  What do you need?

An organizational assessment to determine the level of agility within the organization and a report with a strategy to reach the next level.

Includes a productivity assessment, level of responsibility and motivation within the team and ability to deliver value.

2 - 3 days on-site (or virtual). 


$ 75

A private one-on-one session to focus on specific growth areas. 

60 - 90 minutes per session.

Monthly retainer

$ 1, 000

Monthly retainer and ongoing coaching, consulting and workshops depending on your specific needs.

1 day on-site / available per week.

Half-day workshop / consultation

$ 250

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4 hours.

Full-day workshop / consultation

$ 350

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6-7 hours.

What to expect

Based in Cape Town, working with teams across the globe virtually.  Payment terms are discussed and agreed per customer based on your needs and offer.  Standard terms require 50% deposit and 50% on acceptance, or pay what feels right.


Pick your service 

Get the conversation started.
Pick a service or send a personal message for a bespoke request, outlining the issue or need you intend to address.

I'll send you a list of everything I need to get started and work my way through it while you sit back and relax.



Once ready to engage, schedule a timeslot for an in-person or virtual consultation or workshop.

All sessions are relaxed, low-tech and with no preparation (homework) for the participants, other than coming with an open mind and heart.



Receive feedback with insights and recommendations and an optional 1 hour video conference (or in-person) for a walk-through.

Feedback is an objective opinion with recommendations and no expectation or obligation.

You said what?

Coaching can be expensive.  Peer coaching is a tried and tested method of making the benefits of coaching more accessible by distributing coaching.

Peer coaching are micro-coaching sessions for limited timeframes to address specific growth areas by choosing a mentor from amongst your peers to help you develop specific skills. 

You learn from your peers, sharing experiences with permission for feedback, while teaching.  We provide the necessary guidance and facilitation to ensure optimum value.

Born in the software development industry out of a need to deliver value faster, Agile is a set of four values to help guide organizations to sense and respond changes in customer needs, and adapt to enable them to deliver value faster.

An Agile transformation typically starts by implementing Scrum, a framework for software development.  More advanced agile implementations include lean methods and other tools, such as Kanban, Kaizan, Six Sigma and more. 

Agile, however, is industry and tool agnostic, focused on creating a culture of learning. 

Gamestorming is a design thinking method to guide a group towards action and decision making through an interactive process.  

A "game" is split into three parts, first diverging the thinking, then exploring options, before finally converging thinking into an actionable solution using low-tech tools such as sticky notes and colored markers.

Absolutely!  Neural pathways in the brain is built with each new experience.  Learning is, however, one part of thinking, focused on helping us access prior knowledge when we need it.

Thinking can be categorized into two sub-sections, the first logical left-brain thinking, the second lateral (or creative) thinking, which is designed to help you discover better ways to do old things. 

There are a number of easy and fun techniques to teach you how to think laterally, enabling you to solve any problem and come up with better ideas.

Let's talk

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