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Play your way to productivity

Using playful design and lean thinking to unleash productivity and create optimal user experiences.

Feeling stuck and frustrated?

Don't know how to motivate your teams and take your product to the next level?  

Tired of running into the same problems sprint after sprint?

There's a better, easier way.

Agile transformations with heart

Putting the fun back into efficiency.

Innovation | Design Sprints

Unleash your creativity in a bespoke gamestorming workshop following the Lean Startup model to help you discover and ideate more and better innovative ideas.

Let the magic begin!

Process Improvement

Helping you identify constraints  and improve your flow for optimal productivity and motivation with a combination of Lean, Theory-of-Constraints and Agile methods.

Let's fly to the moon!


Unlock you and your team's full potential with one-on-one, peer- and team coaching sessions to help you see solutions and build healthy habits.

Unlock your greatness!

What our fantastic customers say

"You've given us a way to communicate that we've never had before!"

"I couldn't believe the flow experienced during the workshop!"

"We haven't had so much fun since startup."

What to expect

We start where you are, taking small steps towards big change.

1. Assess

Start with the end in mind.  What's your goal and where are you relative to your goal?  

Objective observation is the first step towards a thorough diagnosis to strategize what steps need to be taken first to bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

2. Assist

Time to get our hands dirty by implementing a number of small changes throughout the value change to create a culture of learning and continuous improvement.  We serve as catalyst for change to create a sustainable change initiative.

Depending on the problem, we mentor,  coach and facilitate bespoke workshops to collaboratively unpack and solve problems. 

3. Empower

It's your time to shine.

Make the changes your own with a helping hand within close reach and as and when you need it.  We take a step back to allow you to recalibrate and provide the necessary handover and training.

Let's talk

Get the conversation started.  

Let's get social


Workshop 17, V&A Waterfront
Cape Town, South Africa


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